Tuesday, December 29, 2020

December 29th

 Well hey there my friends! Long time no see! I just got in from checking the mail and my hands are chilly and typing is hard!

I don't have any particular reason for blogging today, other than it's close to the end of the year and I was thinking about how damn long it's been since I've said hello. We're, uh, still in the middle of a massive global pandemic. But you know what? I'm employed and have a roof over my head and all that. I moved back in September, and it was...something. The unit I was shown was more updated than the one I'm in now. My microwave is over 10 years old and cracked. And wouldn't you know, the management here kinda sucks. Lots of issues. 

I ordered a couch back in October that was supposedly in stock. It was not. It will be in stock in January. I have not had a couch in months. I would like a place to sit, please.

I've been with my new job for six months now, working almost exclusively from home. I go in twice a week to check the mail and that's it. But I live much closer to my new office now, so that's a huge plus.

I'm still in school and doing pretty well with that. Classes start up again next month on the 11th. School has been more work than actual work some weeks, so this should be fun - I'm taking a pretty easy-sounding elective this term though, so it should all be fine.

I'm glad this year ended up being the end of daily blogging. It was perfect timing, really. With my days in this pandemic being nearly the same almost every week day and not being able to go out and do anything, like, ever...I would have had the most boring blog ever. And it wasn't particularly exciting before, either. 

Here is a summation of all exciting things not mentioned yet that have happened this year:

I hung out with Brad a lot and we played video games and did a lot of chilling at my house. 

I've seen my mom like twice this year, and that's been nice. I like hanging out with her. We recently exchanged Christmas gifts.

Brad got me a bidet for Christmas and I like it.

I go grocery shopping a lot now.

The cats are doing well. They are cute and cuddly and I love them. Pigeon was supposed to be spayed ages ago but vets are crazy right now. She gets spayed next month, hooray!

I saw my dad for my birthday back in July. That was pretty chill, and also, I had a nice birthday. I'm 28 now, by the way.

Moved, got a new job, did more school.

Healthwise things are okay. It's been a year since I had a literal mental breakdown and went back on Klonopin. I've tried some new meds since then and none have helped, so I'm still just on the ol' Klonopin/Lexapro combo. 

We got Trump out of office which is like the best thing 2020 had to offer.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, but really, this year has been bizarre and repetitive and sad. COVID-19 is scary and still going on and the days blur together. Most people haven't seen their friends and families much if at all since this started. But we're getting through it and I'm hopeful that 2021 will be better. And hey, I'll check in next year too. 

Stay healthy, safe, and awesome, my friends.

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