Friday, October 4, 2019

October 4th

All right y’all, no work for two weeks! Just one more full day before vacation! Yay!

I ended up leaving work in a panic because I decided to check my seats for my flights and found out they were all unassigned despite me picking them out many months ago. (I only left about 15 minutes early, but I was just losing my mind down at my desk.) Luckily I was able to get all but one assigned back to a window seat. Unfortunately I had to pay to sit in a “preferred” seat on my flight to Frankfurt which was like $90 and doesn’t seem to be too special of a seat, but I’ll happily pay $90 to sit in that seat over a middle seat. Even though I originally picked a window seat...maybe it’s some shady way to get extra money. Though on my long flight home I was able to get a window with no issue, so who knows? I’m going to look into my Berlin to Rome flight now since that’s on a different airline and see what sort of seat I can get for myself there. Fingers crossed!

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