Saturday, December 1, 2018

December 1st

Captured by Candlelight by 4160 Tuesdays
Notes include cognac, cinnamon, toffee, fruity notes, beeswax, and oak

"Picture a huge Christmas pudding, trundled into an oak-paneled dining room illuminated by candles, the wax dripping on to the starched-linen tablecloth. Flaming brandy, sozzled fruit, rich pud, rich people, old wood, soft wax... that smell." - A note from Sarah McCartney, the perfumer

I'm not English, so I can't speak to how much this smells like an English Christmas or Christmas pudding. What I can say is that this is wonderfully unique. There's a distinct waxiness to this that I'm not used to smelling. That plus some gently spiced fruits and a rich, woody oak and cognac base make this sumptuous and rich, but never overly sweet. (It's almost bitter as it starts to fade.) It's foody, but still in a refined way.

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