Monday, January 8, 2018

January 8th

a cry for help is a funny thing
they use a triage system in the hospitals, but it turns out,
so do we.

if someone called out, please help me, I'm dying
you'd help
if someone said, I want to kill myself, I'm hurting
you'd help
but if someone said, I'm sad...
then what?

when someone lays in bed
all day and all night
when someone thinks, no one loves me or even cares
when they think they want to bleed or even die
even though they'd never do it,
the intrusive thoughts just won't stop...
why are they a burden?

"you just want attention"
(of course I do, I'm all alone)
"you won't actually kill yourself"
(of course not, but it still hurts)
"you're just sad, it'll pass"
(what is "just sad" anyway?)

I don't want to bother you.
I don't even know if you care.
But this is my cry for help,
So please let someone be there.


  1. Aw Kate, this is a beautiful poem, but I'm so sorry you're still in such a rough place right now! Please, don't ever feel like you're being a burden when you need to reach out for someone to talk to! Just shoot me a text or a message, I'll be happy to help you out however I can!

  2. Hey love, I hope you know you can always chat with me, even though we're just relegated to snaps of our lives at this point. I know we're far apart, and have grown apart, but I still care about you. Hope things turn around.