Sunday, January 7, 2018

January 7th

Hmm. My sleep plan didn't work. I was still up all night last night. Part of that because my stomach wasn't feeling great, but still. At least today I managed to not take an evening nap, so I think - fingers crossed - that I'll be able to go to sleep at a reasonable time tonight. I do have work tomorrow after all, and even though it's not until 1:00 PM, I want to get some good sleep beforehand. Preferably with nice dreams too, please and thank you.

I finished up watching Reese's Phoenix Wright: Justice for All LP, which means I've only got one more LP to catch up on, and it's ongoing so I'm not too far behind. Right now I'm listening to my neighbors being noisy and praying it isn't some sort of domestic thing (I've heard arguments before, and I hate that) - I'm in no mood to think about that sort of thing, and of course I don't want anyone to be in some argument with their significant other.

Time to sleep now, friends. I love you guys.

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