Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January 3rd

Well babes, I'm not at MAGFest and I'm on a very brief leave of absence from work because of my wrist, so I'm doing a whole lot of nothing this week. Suggestions on fun stuff to do would be appreciated. Brad's at MAGFest so I'm all by myself here! I haven't been to visit kitties in awhile so that's always an option. I do wish it wasn't so cold though. What do you guys like doing when you're alone and restless?

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  1. When I'm alone and feeling restless, I usually try to check something off my To Do list, like getting the book we're discussing next in my book group read, or watching a movie I've had saved forever on my computer watched. I don't always feel motivated enough to actually be productive though, so more often than not I feel like I just end up watching old Vine compilations on YouTube or something.