Saturday, January 13, 2018

January 13th

Well, it's cold here. And it snowed like crazy last night. Everything closed up early, it was a snow emergency, all that jazz. Luckily I was home. I did go out today though. I found out Walgreens doesn't accept my new insurance (I'm having a great time with this new insurance, aren't I?) so I got everything transferred over to CVS. Hopefully they're good. Thank goodness I live right by two pharmacies. I also picked up some stuff for Brad, who's super under the weather. I wore a face mask when I visited him so I'm hoping that keeps me well - though I do have a slight cough already, which may be from my coworker, or Brad, or just like...anything really. Cas is being a total cuddle bug right now though, so I'm gonna give him some love.

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