Saturday, December 2, 2017

December 2nd

All right friends, guess who saw Coco? This girl! Honestly, the bottom line is that if you like Disney/Pixar films, you'll probably like this. Great character design, beautiful colors, wonderful's got all the goods. Is it the best Pixar film I've ever seen? No, but it was a.) very hyped up for me and b.) I knew a lot about it going in. I think my main complaint is that while a lot of the characters are well-rounded, developed and interesting...none of them made me go, "Wow, that character is super unique/one of my new favorites/etc." Miguel is a great protagonist who follows are pretty good story but there's no real trait about him that makes me go, "Wow, cool main character!" His thing is that he wants to play music but he's not allowed to. But his personality is just sort of generic child-protagonist. I guess Imelda is my favorite character, but again...she's not incredible. I just like her because she's kinda sassy. I can see a lot of people enjoying Hector, but again...his story is quite trope-y and his personality has no stand-out traits. So...good film. I'd recommend it to a Disney/Pixar fan for sure. But I think the best parts of the film are the artistic elements, not so much the plot. I must say though, the casting was impeccable. Oh, and Dante is a lovable doofy dog, and that makes me happy.

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