Saturday, December 23, 2017

December 23rd

Typing with a wrist brace on sure is awkward. I can't say I'm particularly enjoying this thing, although it did get rid of the numbness and tingling in my fingers. Funnily enough, my wrist is now the part with the most pain; my arm and shoulder aren't as bad. It's just annoying. I've got acupuncture on Tuesday though, and then hopefully on Tuesday I'll also be able to schedule my EMG test. Then I can get a proper doctor's note for work, find out a little more about what's going on with my nerve, all that jazz. I could use some pain management suggestions. Popping Advil every few hours isn't really a long-term/sustainable option. (So hopefully the acupuncture helps!)

Tomorrow is an early morning again! Though I'm much happier to be working the morning of Christmas Eve than the eve...although now that I think about it, I actually think the evening would be less busy. That's almost never the case, but this seems like about the one day where it would be. Oh well. I might just be greeting people the whole day anyway since my urgent care doctor's note says I gotta refrain from using my wrist and arm. I don't mind greeting people!

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