Thursday, September 7, 2017

September 7th

Tooth day! Tooth day! The sedation was weird (again), I kept waking up and feeling like, "Well shit, that only got me to close my eyes for a few minutes, do I need more?" and yet somehow I was there for 6-7 hours. No, I don't remember a lot of it. I remember the assistants and hygienists gossiping about their coworkers and a new hire, because apparently if I'm sedated, I won't remember anything, or care, right? I mean, honestly, it's not a huge deal. They did their job. Now I have some sweet temporary veneers that I get to wear for a whopping three weeks, which feels insane. They're obviously a slightly different shape and size to my old ones so I'm still trying to figure out how my tongue fits in my mouth and all that. But no, I don't have crazy horse teeth. I'm so, so excited to get the permanent ones! The color on these is great and I assume the permanent ones will look just as good if not better. My mouth is a bit sore (they did some fillings while I was in there) and kinda fuzzy feeling, like where they put in the novocaine and whatnot. But they got the IV on the second try this time, which is wildly better than last time. All in all, today went well. And I am very sleepy.

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