Saturday, September 16, 2017

September 16th

I walked two awesome dogs today! First was Wally, a goldendoodle puppy who mostly just wanted to play. He was only twelve weeks old but he was super obedient and he also enjoyed squirrels. Then just recently I had an on-demand walk for George, who was a beagle mix. He kept getting spooked by dogs barking from inside their houses, and also we both got spooked by a very large, aggressive dog whose entire face came through the fence and my goodness, when it's dark and you don't see that shit coming and suddenly there's a big, barking dog near you, it'll startle you. George was a total sweetheart though, and we did some cuddling after our walk.

The less good animal news is that Cas likely has another UTI. Good thing I did that expensive PU surgery. This is now his second UTI in the year since getting that done. I'm not made of money, my goodness.

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