Sunday, September 10, 2017

September 10th

All right, time to review some perfume!

Woman by Ralph Lauren
Notes: Tuberose, orange blossom, pear, hazelnut, rhubarb, woody notes

It seems like it's fallen out of fashion in the fragrance community to be interested in mass market designer fragrances, but I have to say, I do actually enjoy this. I don't think every scent has to be unique to the point of strangeness or so finely made that there's no hint of synthetic notes. Enjoyable fragrances come in all forms, and I think this is enjoyable. But of course, you'd want to know why!
Pear is a tricky note. It does often come off as very synthetic I've found, but it's blended so nicely with the white florals in this that I can actually say that I like it. When I read the card that came with my sample of this scent, it said to expect tuberose and woods. What I got when I sprayed it was a bright, fruity white floral - and a unique one. I think there are a lot of standard pairings among the white floral + fruit scents (think coconut and gardenia) but this works so well. It's comforting and smooth, but it's also quite bright and sparkly. Sparkly is hard to achieve without aldehydes or citrus, but this pear absolutely sparkles. For me, as the drydown progresses, the pear stays as the standout note. Because it becomes soloed out, it does feel slightly more synthetic, but not to a fault. As for woody notes, I really don't get any. Perhaps some sandalwood in the base, but not the woodiness I was expecting, which I like. This still has mass market appeal, but it doesn't smell like generic fragrance counter perfume. So yes, I enjoy this.

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