Monday, July 3, 2017

July 3rd

My neighbors are being loud. There are fireworks going off. And I'm sure so many people have the day off tomorrow but I don't and I'mma need y'all to be quiet please, thank you. At least at my current job I do get some holidays off. That was one of the worst things about working at the hotel- there are literally no holidays. And there has to be staff 24/7 as well, so it's not like "Oh yeah I have to work on Christmas but I get off early." Nope. (Reminder to please tip the hotel staff, which includes maintenance, front desk and housekeeping employees. They are putting in work, especially the front desk which literally has to be staffed at every hour of every day. Housekeeping and maintenance are off by midnight typically. This also means that if you need maintenance or housekeeping after hours, a front desk employee might have to do it. Please be nice to hotel staff, please.)

Anyway, Cas is curled up into a little kitty donut and it's adorable so I think I'm just gonna ooh and ahh over him until bedtime.

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