Saturday, January 14, 2017

January 14th

I've been playing so much Neko Atsume lately. I love those kitties so much.

I got a call earlier saying work was slow and I didn't need to come in and it kinda messed up my whole day. Like, I took a long nap after that, didn't really it breakfast but did have a pizza at some point...and general have just felt really out of it. I dunno. I also feel kinda ill and like I'm way too awake for 10:30 PM, so I have a feeling I'll be up later than I want to be. I'm also seriously craving protein, like I could go for a footlong Subway sandwich right now so badly. That would genuinely make me feel so much better. But instead, I guess I'm gonna have cereal because I have...not really any other options. But tomorrow, Subway. I feel like I need it. Veggies and turkey and all that good stuff.

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