Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 29th

Guys, we have to talk about Moana. (This will be spoiler-free!) It was amazing. I'd heard lots of positive feedback from my coworkers, the trailer looked really good, and all signs pointed to it being a great movie, and it was! I'm so happy! The animation was really beautiful, and Disney really made some strides towards making their 3D look more realistic while still making it stylized in a good way. The ocean was beautiful, the sand was beautiful, everybody's hair looked like goddamn real hair. I also really enjoyed the music, both instrumental and sung. My only musical complaint is that Moana's songs were all very similar/basically a reprise of her "main" song, but honestly it doesn't even matter because Auli'i Cravalho is an incredible singer. I feel like the cast was pretty damn solid throughout, but she really shone. Plot-wise there were of course some Disney tropes (and just movie tropes in general), but the movie was still very unique in many aspects. I get that the plot point of "person is supposed to become leader of their people but they want to follow their own heart" can seem overplayed, but this was done really well. There was also a moment near the beginning of the film that reminded me of my favorite scene in Mulan and I actually teared up a bit. It was just really touching.

Anyway, you guys all need to go see Moana.

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