Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31st

Spoopy Halloween, friends! I didn't do anything particularly Halloween-y this year, but tomorrow I'm gonna get my hair done, which is scary, right? I'm just not enjoying the color since I keep saying "cool-toned, please!" and getting warm, even brassy hair. It's not worth the price I'm paying, either. So I'm switching things up!

Cas knocked his entire litter box over into the bathtub today. He's...not really loving the fact that he lives in the bathroom right now. I feel bad for him. Plus he can't clean himself so he's kinda stinky and matted. I trimmed a little of his fur myself but I might see if his vet can actually shave some more off. I did buy some waterless shampoo and cleaning wipes for him though, so he's a little better. His incision is healing well, at least!

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