Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October 11th

An excerpt from my Facebok status from today...

In honor of National Coming Out Day...
As someone who has only dated men, I assumed this meant I had to label myself as straight. However, over the past year I have learned more about and explored my sexuality and identity, and I would like to officially come out and say that I am bisexual.
I have learned so many important things about bisexuality this year and I am so happy to be part of this community. 
Being in a relationship with a man does not make me any less bi. It is simply how things happened, and I am extremely happy in my relationship.
So, to all of my bisexual friends out there, please remember:
Your sexuality is valid even if....
- you’ve only been in relationships with someone of a different gender
- you’ve only been in relationships with someone of the same gender
- you’ve never had sex with a guy
- you’ve never had sex with a girl
- you’ve never had sex at all
- you’re heteroromantic
- you’re homoromantic
- you’re aromantic
- you find yourself preferring one gender over another

Your feelings are valid. Your sexuality is valid. Do not let people shame you or tell you otherwise.

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