Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 11th

Tomorrow is shaping up to be another early morning for this lady! And I don't even get to go to Sephora! (I guess I could go, technically, but I have absolutely no need, or money.) I did recently find out that a perfume I've had my eye on for at least a year now may be getting reformulated though (from EDT to EDP) so I'm seriously considering buying it. It's Misia by Chanel, which does mean it's not cheap, but I've spent the same amount on another perfume before, and honestly I like Misia better. It reminds me of Putain des Palaces by ELDO a bit, but it's got this gentle fruitiness to it that I just love. It's the only "candied" violet scent that I really enjoy. Most others push the fruit to hard and it becomes a syrupy sweet mess. Looking at you, Insolence! I have enough samples of the other scents I like from the Les Exclusifs line that I don't feel like I need full bottles, since I just wouldn't wear them that much. Beige would be a really beautiful and unique addition to my collection but of course it's the same price, and buying two new perfumes right now really isn't realistic.

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