Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 16th

I feel like maybe going over the stressful things that happened today might make me more stressed, but so it goes. First off, my hair appointment was canceled because my stylist unfortunately had to go home sick, and there were no more appointments left today. I rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 10, which means I'll be leaving here later than I wanted to, but I also really need a hair cut. The other stress was that Cas' get paperwork that shows he doesn't hav rabies, etc is inexplicably not with all of his other paperwork, so I can't get his license renewed til I get home. I'd love to stop by the vet early tomorrow and grab it but they're closed on Wednesdays for no discernible reason. This all means that I'll be smacked with a late fee, which is a pain. 

Two positives from today to counteract the negatives are that I got two things in the mail! The first of which is a sample of Andy Tauer'e newest fragrance, Lonesome Rider, and it is amazing. I also surprisingly got my latest GlamBot order, which I wasn't expecting to get before MAGFest. Hello, four new MAC lipsticks and the perfect shade of eyeshadow courtesy of ColourPop. Whee!

I still have a lot to get done before I head out (like, um, packing), but I'm still super excited! I found out the friend I made in the queue while waiting to meet Alan Rickman is actually going to be there, so we're gonna have a little reunion! Her name is Kate too. She's pretty awesome. 

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