Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 6th

Do you ever mean to take a nap and accidentally just go to bed? I haven't had a good night of sleep in like four or five days and that finally caught up to me. If my blog alarm hadn't woken me up, I'm sure I would have kept sleeping. I seriously went to sleep at about 4:00 and I'm just now waking up. I feel great mind you, but I sorta thought I'd wake up before then since I was hungry when I went to sleep and also drank a lot of water beforehand, so I thought I'd have to pee. I can't believe how sleepy I was. And of course I dreamt about work, and not good dreams! I dreamt I was getting chided for being stupid about not understanding something with my paycheck, and then in my dream I left the desk for a moment and when I came back there were guests behind the desk checking themselves in and it was trouble and also just really a strange dream.

Anyway, I am now super duper hungry and ready for a yummy burrito!

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