Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28th

I just took one heck of a good nap. Today was the longest shift I've worked in a long time, and while it wasn't hard or anything, I felt all those hours once I got home! I had dinner and talked to Brad and then it was nap time. And man, am I glad my blog alarm exists. I don't know if I wouldn't have woken up in the next two hours. I was so soundly asleep. Now that I'm awake, of course, I'm hungry and I have to pee and all that. 

I have a deluge of perfume reviews coming! Possibly tomorrow! Soon though. 

I work audit next weekend! Two nights of 11 PM-7 AM shifts. So expect blogs at a strange time, and possibly short ones too if I put it off til just before I leave for work. And then I get to see how well I can stay up all night!

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