Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 30th


Anyway! Work was good today! And I am super, super hungry right now! I'm going to rewatch some season one Game of Thrones with Mike and then get some good sleep. I can't wait for the weekend!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 29th

Good evening beauties! I have got a long two days of work ahead of me. My allergies are ridiculous and I'm still not quite over my weird anxiety business from earlier this week. It seems a little better, but definitely not back to normal. I'm just hopeful that work will take my mind of of it instead of exacerbating it.

I just want my new perfume to arrive! I was in Sephora today because I finally got around to returning my NARS Sheer Glow foundation and my TokyoMilk Tomorrow rollerball, and I thought I'd try something while I was there. Well let me tell you, I did not try something that I enjoy at all whatsoever. I'm currently, regrettably, wearing Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes and it just smells awful on me. I can't even find a way to describe it other The notes just don't go well together and it smells really unpleasant. So that's a thumbs down from me.

I'm not tired yet but I have to get up for work tomorrow, and it's a long shift, too. I may have messed with my sleep schedule a bit last night. But at least I have all the gym badges in X now, right?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 28th

Current mood: Falling asleep with all the lights on. I'm really tired tonight! So an early night it shall be. Sleep well, friends!

Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27th

Today was a weird day. Last night before work I was feeling inexplicably tachycardic, and then when I woke up today it was super bad, and I felt like I was on the brink of a panic attack rivaling those of last fall. Like, the depersonalization, the shaking, it all came back. And that made me more anxious because last fall was not the greatest. Things have calmed down a bit now and I'm just trying to take it easy for a few days. I just want this all to go away. I wish it had never started. It's made everything so much harder. I miss when I didn't have this unexplained anxiety and serotonin weirdness. I miss it a lot. Most days are good now but today was a scary reminder of how bad it was. Hopefully it was just a short term thing and I'll be back on track tomorrow. 

I hope you're all doing well too! I am sending warm hugs to you all. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 26th

I just spent a stupid amount of money on perfume. Actually, all things considered, it was a pretty inexpensive niche perfume. But $9 for shipping? REALLY? Anyway, I am super thrilled to have made my first niche purchase, Putain des Palaces by Etat Libre d'Orange. You know when you find a scent that just makes you feel good when you wear it? You don't just like it, but it literally changes your whole demeanor? That's what this one is like. There are two other niche scents that I'd love to buy at some point too, but they're around the $130 mark for 50ml, and I'm not quite ready to spend that much. $130 is around what I paid for my 100ml bottle of Chanel, if that helps as a point of reference.

Perfume of the Day: Some good old Burberry London. Yum!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 25th

I am a chilly girl! With dark cherry red/brown hair! Whee! I'm also very sleepy, since I may have stayed up last night and played some Pokémon X after I said I wasn't going to. Oh well, I got another badge! So there!

Work was a little hectic today, so I'm glad to be home. I work the next three days and then on my day off I'm driving down to my dad's house and then back up again so it'll be a long day anyway. I can't wait for my long weekend next weekend! Only one week away! yay!

Perfume of the Day: Féerie by Van Cleef & Arpels, though I'm about to put on L'Orpheline by Serge Lutens. Both are so good!

Friday, April 24, 2015

April 24th

Hello friends! I've got some hair dye in at the moment, for the first time in like...a year I think? At least! It's been so long! I wish it was something exciting like blue or purple, but with work...not a thing I can really do. Hopefully someday though! Turquoise like a mermaid! Or pink! Something!

Hair dye smells not very nice.

I work tomorrow, so I'm up quite late! But dyeing one's hair involves washing it afterwards, so I'm just showering tonight instead of in the morning.

I want to play more Pokémon tonight, but then I'd end up being up really late. It's a task for tomorrow night! I've just beaten the fourth gym, so I'm moving right along!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 23rd

Today was a bit of a long day. Work was stressful, then tonight was a little all over the place, and now I'm just sleepy even though I want to stay up and play Pokémon.

Now I'm watching the wonderful Plat stream to decompress a bit. Yay!

Perfume of the Day: No 5 Eau Premiere by Chanel

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 22nd

Back to the grind tomorrow! These two days off completely flew by. Probably because I napped through most of them. Whoops. I did play Pokémon for quite some time last night and I have to say, X is so different from all of the other games in the series. It's almost baffling, but I understand why it's so different. Apparently one of the main complaints with Gen V was that is wasn't accessible to new players, so for Gen VI they made it so people who had no clue about Pokémon could have an easier time getting the basics. The problem is, even though they explain the things that anyone who knows anything about Pokémon would already know (like how to heal your Pokémon), the don't actually explain the NEW things about the game, which is extremely frustrating. There's something called O-powers, for example, and every town you visit, some guys gives you one. If you ask for an explanation about what they are, he says the same thing every time. "Find them on the PSS screen and use them!" Great! Except I don't know what they are or WHAT THE PSS SCREEN IS OR HOW TO ACCESS IT. It seems like something to do with all the ridiculous Wifi/internet shenanigans, but I don't know.

Also, the game is super chummy. Like, rival battles? Nah. You don't have a rival. You have four(!!!) friends who you see in like every town, or that you see along the route to the next town, or anywhere else you could imagine...and only one of them is actually worthwhile. The one that should be your rival, the one with the Pokémon opposing your starter? He just shows up sometimes and you fight WITH him against other trainers. What? Oh. And this has been said before but the "villain" team is laughably stupid. They're motto is like, "we're gonna take over the world - with style!" and they claim to be super hip and stylish but really they're just doofy and pointless and don't even really have a goal. I don't know.

I'm ready to play ORAS, hopefully it'll be better than this. And another thing! Gym leaders are SO few and far between. I've been to probably...ten towns at this point. Two of them have had gym leaders. I've been through like four caves, done some awful sidequests...but the main point of the game? You know, where you beat all the gym leaders and fight the Elite Four? What happened to that? I am literally ten hours into the game and I've fought two gym leaders. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 21st

It's Pokémon day for me! Yes, after a day off of doing almost nothing, tonight is being spent exploring the Kalos region. Deciding on a team is so freaking hard. I've already got four Pokémon on my team that I live and definitely more than two that I want to add. What do I do? I'm trying to use only new Pokémon, but there are also so many old favorites...perhaps I'll use those in Alpha Sapphire once I figure out how these new Pokémon work. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20th

Yay, my weekend! It's here! I'm gonna play so much Pokémon and sleep and hang out with Cas! It's gonna be awesome. Plus payday on Wednesday.

I'm just happy to have some time off.

Perfume of the Day: Alien Aqua Chic by Thierry Mugler

Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 19th

Happy birthday to my fellow blogger and first friend I met through this blog, Lexa! Miss Lexa Marie, you are one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out. Let's hang out sometime, yeah? :)

Coming home from work and napping turned into coming home and sleeping, so that's might do a number on my sleep schedule. Luckily tomorrow is my last work day before my "weekend" so all should be well. 

I really wish I had HBO. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 18th

Well that was a ten hour work day. I am currently chilly and sleepy. And I get to get up at 5:30 and do it all over again! Shorter shift, but a much busier one. Of course I work Monday as well, but thankfully I don't have to get up as early. Unfortunately it's the mid-shift (11-7) which means my whole day is kinda gone, but it's all good. I have a weekend on Tuesday and Wednesday!

I think I'm gonna listen to Game of Owns and go to sleep. I know it's early, but I didn't sleep well last night and dammit, I'm tired.

Friday, April 17, 2015

April 17th

Hello beauties! I am terribly sorry for all the vague posts this week, but there are - surprise - some aspects of my life that I don't like to broadcast to everyone with internet access. In summation, it has been a crash course in the complexities of love and lust, and has overall been a bit draining. Things are looking up right now, though not necessarily easy moving forward, but being me I will of course remain optimistic.

And being me, I need to review some perfume!

Yesterday was Putain Des Palaces by Etat Libre d'Orange.

It is a really fantastic scent, and one of the best blended scents I've smelled in awhile. It's primarily violet and powdery notes, with a leather undertone. I think it fits the name exceptionally well. The powdery, candied violets give of a demure, sweet vibe of a lady at court while the subtle leather lets on to what this lady might do during the night. I've seen people complain that the name is misleading, and I disagree. While the name (which means "The Palace Whore") is vague enough for interpretation, I saw it as one of the palace whores that walks and talks like a proper lady, who perhaps services the kings and lords in secret, but is poised and ladylike. Hence the prevailing sweet, powdery notes with only a hint of something dirty. It seems others have interpreted this as the type of whore who perhaps lives in a brothel, covers her hair and body with fine, spicy-sweet oils and exudes sexuality. That's also a valid type of "palace whore" - but not who I saw when I read up on this scent. My only wish was that the leather was more present in this scent. It's a little too subtle for me, but I feel like if it were stronger, I would honestly buy a bottle of this right now. It's that good. I love a good, soft violet. This one is particularly sweet. The powder is lovely. I just want a bit more bite from the leather. I may still buy this at some point, we shall see. It's really fantastic. I'm so glad to have found an ELDO scent that I love!

Today's perfume is Wood Sage and Sea Salt by Jo Malone.

This is a very special scent to me. I bought in in duty-free as I was leaving Ireland in November. I wanted something that reminded me of the beautiful Irish seaside, and this was the perfect fit. It's definitely on the pricy side, but I literally had just enough for it, and I wanted it so badly! As you probably know, I'm not a fan of a lot of woody scents since they use cedar, which is very overpowering on me. However, this scent is a different sort of woody. It's salty, musky, and there's actually a touch of grapefruit in it to give it a little sweetness as well. It's not exactly what the sea smells like, but it's certainly evocative of the seaside. It's not a "pretty" smell. It's green and grey and a little blue, like salty waves wearing away at stones and sand on the beach. It smells like nature, but not contrived, and it's one of my most treasured perfumes I own.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 16th

I am having a better night. This morning was bad. Work wasn't great. But tonight is going better. What a week. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15th

So I woke up hour and a half before my alarm went off. Couldn't fall back asleep. Got sad. Cried. Cried while eating breakfast. Cried on my way to work. Received several hugs at work. Had a pretty decent work day. And now I'm tired. And I have to be up in eight hours! Hooray! Thank goodness I have Friday off. I'm going to drive down and see the family tomorrow though, which is cool, but it means my day off is only kind of a day off because I don't actually just get to be lazy around my apartment. And then my ten hour shift is on Saturday! Hooray! What a week! I'm gonna get some sleep now, yo. I hope you're all doing awesome.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14th

Pokémon Shuffle is a damn fun game. So is Pokémon X. I was going to play more of the latter today but I ended up needing a nap because I didn't sleep well, so that got sidelined. And I can't stay up and play tonight because I've got work in the morning! Hopefully it'll be a pretty easy day. This week has been a bit all over the place really, so a nice, calm work day would be appreciated. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13th

The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind. Lots of emotions. Today is okay though. I am okay. 

Thank you to all of my wonderful friends, you guys are fantastic. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 12th

I am so physically and mentally tired. I really need these two days off. I am super excited to say the least.

I'm not really up for a perfume review tonight. I'm going to test something new instead and see how I like it. It'll be Comme des Garcons' Incense Avignon, which has a scary cedar note, but I'm always happy to try new things!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

April 11th

I am surprisingly tired given how much sleep I got. Then again, I was up late because I couldn't resist starting Pokémon X. And playing for two hours. Whoops. I had forgotten how well I sleep when I know there's no specific time I have to get up, though. I'm not paranoid about trying to get to sleep by a certain hour so I fall asleep easier, and I don't wake up in the middle of the night either. I did have some very strange dreams, although that's not unusual.

Today was pretty chill though. Did some grocery shopping. Realized when I went out to get groceries that the weather is basically perfect and then hung out outside my apartment on the swings until one of my neighbors came and kept talking to me and wouldn't leave me alone. I really just wanted to relax out there, it was a shame. But I couldn't really do anything about it either. I could have driven somewhere like a park, but it was late and I was hungry anyway, so I just went back inside. I did open all the windows though. It's much less stuffy in here now! Mike and I also watched a bit more Psycho Pass. I feel like I'm missing a lot of the complexities of that show because I can't keep the character names straight. Like if they're talking about someone who isn't on screen, I can't remember who they're talking about aside from maybe three people. Japanese names/shows don't usually give me this much trouble - nor do shows in other languages - so I don't know what the deal is. There are just a lot of characters and the plot is a little confusing. Maybe I'm over-thinking it.

No perfume today! But tomorrow I'll wear something I haven't reviewed yet so I can get another review up on's been awhile! I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Friday, April 10, 2015

April 10th

40 hour work week done! ...Until Sunday. During which I will be working again. Haha. At least I have Monday and Tuesday off, I can't tell you how much my feet need a massage. Plus I officially own both Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and X now which means LOTS OF PLAYING SHALL OCCUR.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch some YouTube and fall the eff asleep.

Perfume of the Day: Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Thursday, April 9, 2015

April 9th

I am currently watching the most entertaining episode of a Nuzlocke LP that I've ever seen. 5/6th of someone's team just got decimated. (And their - and my - favorite team member is still alive, so all is well!) Nuzlockes are so great you guys. Especially randomized hacks like the one she's playing. But all are good. I like Wedlockes, too. I just like spicing up Pokémon games!

It is very late and I don't have time to write a proper perfume review, I'm sorry! I work until 11 tomorrow as well, so no promises. But I have Saturday off, so expect a nice, proper blog entry!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 8th

Work was so exhausting today. I am so damn tired. I am so excited to sleep, and hang out with Cas, and eat some ice cream. And then work tomorrow and Friday night. This 40 hour work week is not something I'm used to! But thankfully my job is nice and so are my coworkers, so all is well.

Perfume of the Day: No. 5 Eau Premiere - Chanel

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 7th

I'm blogging from my phone because I'm about ready to go to sleep. I am wearing some excellent perfume though, so I'll be sure to do a full review of it soon. Etat Libre d'Orange finally delivered!

Now, time for a snack and sleep! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6th

Good evening! Work was quite slow tonight, but I did come home to a delightful package! I am now finally the proud owner of a 3DS. And of course I immediately bought Pokémon X and Alpha Sapphire because it's payday this week, and what good is a 3DS without games? Thank you to Mike for selling me your 3DS. I'm like a kid at Christmas, seriously.

I'm also super hungry and kinda sleepy. And I really ought to go to the store before work tomorrow, so I should probably go to sleep soon. But first, food!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

April 5th

I hope you had a great weekend everyone! I'm having a chill day, just watching ProtonJon's stream and chatting with Hannah and John. Mike was here too, but he's going to bed at a decent time like an adult. Brad did as well. Those guys, getting up early. I work late nights every night this week so I get to sleep in a bit! Yay! But next week I have some 7 AM shifts. Ah, going back and forth between late and early shifts is strange!

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

April 4th

So working from 5-10 is weird and different, but not bad! It's definitely slower than a morning shift, but the chill atmosphere is nice. But I have to turn my blog alarm off and that makes me nervous! Especially for the nights where I work until 11. I might start blogging before I go to work on those days, or blog from work.

Perfume of the Day: Feérie by Van Cleef & Arpels
I'll write a full review on this one some time when it's not late and I'm not on on TeamSpeak. Because I freaking love this scent. And one of my coworkers complimented me on it today!

Friday, April 3, 2015

April 3rd

I have been watching You Lie in April all day. I've been wanting to watch it since the lovely Reina Scully mentioned it awhile ago on SourceFed Nerd, and even more so since she recently tweeted that the finale was really moving. Mike and John and I bummed around on CrunchyRoll a bit last night and I figured since I had a temporary pass to the site, I'd watch YLIA. Well let me tell you, it is compelling. I think anime has a bad reputation, or several really, of falling into a lot of negative clichés or having viewers who are perceived as weird. There's a bunch of weird anime out there, and a bunch of weird (non-Japanese) people who watch it too. But this negative stereotype surrounding it means not a lot of people watch it, and I have to say, those people are missing out. Yes, anime does have a certain style about it. There are idiosyncrasies not found in Western/American television. But YLIA is a great example of well-written, interesting anime that isn't too cliché, but still has the charm of a shoujo-style show. It's certainly quite dark at times (seriously), definitely not all sparkles and fluff, but it's cute, too. I'm glad SourceFed does Anime Club- it's gotten me interested in the genre again, and this show in particular is excellent. Psycho Pass (which is on Netflix), one of the shows we watched last night, is also good. It's much darker than YLIA, and caught me totally off guard. It's really intense. But it's extremely interesting and has a fantastic premise, so if you have Netflix, I'd check out the first episode. Viewer discretion advised as it does delve into some pretty explicit criminal activity of a sexual nature in the first episode, but the plot is really captivating.

Anyway, I don't work until 5:00 PM tomorrow. How weird is that? I'm practically used to waking up at 5:00 AM.

And I need to buy milk.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

April 2nd

Well hello! How are you pretty people? All of my friends are so pretty, seriously. All of you.

I have tomorrow off! I have chores to do though, so it won't be all relaxation. But it's stuff I gotta do, so it won't be bad. Grocery shopping, that kinda stuff. Also the DMV, but hopefully that's not too mediocre.

Perfume of the Day: L'Orpheline by Serge Lutens, again!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1st

Rent paid, bills paid, can't type because Cas keeps nudging my fingers because he wants attention. You win some, you pet the others until they lay down behind you in an adorable ball of orange fluff.

I wasn't feeling great this morning so work was a little crappy, and of course I have an early day tomorrow so I want to get to sleep here pretty soon. But since I was feeling lousy at work, I took a nap when I got home and now I'm not quite tired enough for bed. I may listen to Game of Owns, which will keep me awake, but at least I'll be laying in bed and in the dark and all that, not on the computer or my phone.

Perfume of the Day: London by Burberry