Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 26th

Work was better than expected today! I thought it was going to be super busy, but all the busy stuff got pushed back to after I was scheduled to leave. So no worries! I also got all of my perfumes in the mail today! One of my swap partners was so, so generous with her samples and I'm so grateful! I wish I had sent her more things! And then of course I got my two Burberry perfumes and I'm thrilled to have both of them. Finally, a 100ml Burberry London with a cap! I don't know where it's from originally, but it smells normal, so that's a good start! I haven't used it yet though. I'm about to put something on since my fragrance from this morning has just about faded all away (Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere again), and I'm not sure which scent to try now! Plus I still have a sample from my LuckyScent order to try, and loads of other samples to try!

All right. So I'm going to go with Tom Ford's Noir de Noir. Let's see how it goes!
Notes include rose, oud, patchouli, saffron and vanilla.
So far I'm getting a sweet patchouli, pretty much what it smells like in the bottle. (It's a rollerball, actually.) It smells very familiar, like DKNY Delicious Nights or Kat Von D Poetica. The standard syrupy-sweet patchouli. No real rose scent just yet, nor anything besides the sweet patchouli, but we'll see how it develops!

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