Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 22nd

Super chill day today, and I'm not even wearing perfume! Who am I? I do, however, have five perfumes coming in the mail. Not five full bottles mind you, but two full bottles and three pretty big minis of Tom Ford scents. So excited! One of the bottles is Burberry London, and hopefully this Fragrantica seller is more honest than the eBay seller who sent me a bottle of rubbing alcohol in a Burberry bottle. I paid for that one (the Tom Fords are part of a swap), and she said she'd include a 30ml bottle of Burberry The Beat (which I owned ages ago) for free, so I'm pretty excited. I actually tried to buy another bottle of The Beat on eBay but accidetnally bought the EDT instead of the EDP, so I'll be happy to have the EDP again. I haven't had it in...four years?

So this week, I'll be getting...

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