Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2nd

I have had a very sleepy day. I went back up to the slightly higher dose of the Buspar because the other day I was having those awful fidgety feelings that preceded all that crap last fall, and I wasn't about to deal with any more of that. Hopefully I'll find the right balance of meds to make me feel awake, but not fidgety and anxious, just alert and ready to go! And besides, for all I know the tiredness may be due to other things, like my inconsistent sleep schedule or the time of year. I'm not sure! I'll bring it up with my doctor next time I see her though.

I work a little shift tomorrow, so that'll be good! Hopefully I'll get paid as well. Then I can buy things such as food! I bought milk today, because yesterday I was an idiot and left half a gallon of milk sitting on the kitchen table all day and didn't notice. I'm just glad Cas didn't notice either! But being out of milk is no fun, so I got two gallons just to be sure. I go through milk like crazy anyway, so they'll be gone soon enough. I'm so glad milk at Aldi is a dollar cheaper than everywhere else, and that Aldi is only a two minute drive from my apartment. I could walk...but it's cold, and carrying two gallons of milk home in the cold doesn't sound fun.

I hope you're all having a good week so far!

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