Friday, February 20, 2015

February 20th

A printer that works sure would come in handy. I have a pretty nice printer, but it constantly jams. I have no idea why. It's very frustrating. And I need to print something. I also need to go get quarters, and a new mirror because the cheap one in my bedroom started losing its backing and thus falling off the wall. So...I'm gonna get another cheap one, because this one was $10 and lasted me a few years. Plus I need to go to Walmart anyway.

I sort of tested a perfume today but I didn't go out while wearing it (it faded before I went out to get groceries) and it was just a small sample of a scent I wasn't really into. I'd never tried it before, and I figured I'd give it a go, but it was just meh. It's from the 90's, and it smelled...super 90's. It's called Ocean Dream by Giorgio Beverly Hills and has water lily, musk and heliotrope in it. Basically a standard musky aquatic scents, and again, super 90's. Lots of the reviewers commented about how they wore it when they were young, and the thing about the 90's is that a lot of the on-trend scents of the time are still too new to have that classic, vintage scent about them (compared to, say, Chanel Coco of the 80's), and instead they just smell dated and out of style. So I wasn't really feeling it, although it wasn't offensive. Not really my style though. No nostalgic value to it since I was too young in the 90's to be wearing perfume, so it just smells...old? Not like, granny-old, but dated. And check out that box!

So old school. Anyway, I'm probably going to rejoin Mike's stream tonight as my weekend plans keep changing, so I'm basically free tonight. I'm going to try to not stay up all night again. Mike was helping me with some computer issues last night until like...3:00 - the issues didn't even get sorted out entirely - and then I was up for a bit after that. I'm going to attempt an earlier night tonight!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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