Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17th

Cas is officially a renewed citizen of my city! I my refrigerator has been renewed with foodstuffs! I tried to take a nap and slept super soundly for four hours but had a whole slew of bad, weird dreams. I don't know why I've had more bad than good dreams lately. I've heard reports about the medications I take giving people more vivid dreams, so maybe that's part of it?

I may have not noticed that there was a hole in the bottom of my garbage bag that I was taking out today and thus spilled leftover berry smoothie all over my light grey snow boots. Now it looks like they're covered in blood. And they smell funny. I've got to see about getting them cleaned.

Perfume of the Day: Alien Sunessence Édition Limitée 2011 Or d'Ambre by Thierry Mugler
White floral/fruity/amber. Notes include jasmine, kiwi, amber, orchid, and vanilla.
I own: 5ml decant

This is one of the best Alien flankers for winter. Like the Cuir edition, it's quite deep and warm. I don't get the kiwi note unfortunately, but I definitely get the amber/jasmine combo. It's a bit of a heavy scent, and smells similar to but not as strong as the original Alien. Like the other Mugler scents, the bottle is gorgeous. The scent is unique from non-Mugler scents, but not too different from the other Alien flankers, at least on my skin. It's quite nice though, although not my favorite of the line. (Aqua Chic and Sunessence Eau de Toilette Légère are my favorites at the moment.)

I received my end of a swap today so I've got a few new scents to try! I decided to try some Katy Perry scents despite not usually being a fan of celebrity scents. (Speaking of that, I recently tested Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely and didn't like it at all. It wasn't synthetic or generic like a lot of celeb scents - which is why I don't like them - it was just unpleasant on me.) But apparently Katy Perry has some good ones, so I figured I'd ask for some decants of Purr and Meow. I also got a decant of Tocca's Stella and Le Couvent des Minimes' Cologne of Love. I'm excited to try them!

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