Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 15th

I think I might bust out my copy of Super Mario 64 tonight if I can't sleep. Last night I went to bed early, like at 10 or 11 something. And of course I woke up at 2 AM and...couldn't get back to sleep. I was ravenously hungry and wide awake. So I did some art, faffed around on the interwebs, and cuddled my kitty. I also looked on Craigslist for a decent desk for my living room and I can't find one, which is a shame. I really want a desk in there so I don't have to be on the computer from my bed. I'd get a desk in here, which I was originally considering, but having my computer in a different room from where I sleep would probably be super beneficial. Just having a desk at all would be beneficial, really. Using my bed as my "desk" just makes me more tired. I need to disassociate my bedroom from my computer area. Then hopefully I'll be more productive! (Thank you Brad for this tip, it was desperately needed!)

I also for my living room. There is nowhere to sit in my apartment aside from the kitchen table and my bed. I had a futon briefly when I moved in, but Cas peed on it. Probably because it smelled like the animals of its past four owners. (That futon had made its rounds through my friend group, it was great.)

I hope you all had a restful weekend and that you have an excellent week, too! Stay warm and safe on the roads if you're in the colder parts of the country!

Perfume of the Day: L'eau de Toilette by Carven
Floral/fresh/citrus. Notes include sweet pea, peony, lemon, freesia, hyacinth, wisteria, sandalwood, and musk.
I own: 1ml sample vial

First off, this has got one gorgeous bottle. However, it's only slightly unique in the floral category, but it is all around very safe. It's definitely inoffensive, and quite a pleasant, fresh-floral perfume. But it's nothing to write home about in my opinion. It does have one great quality, which is that its very ageless, in that someone of literally any age could wear this and it would suit them. This could just as easily be a work scent as a wedding scent and it's very versatile, but its that sense that it's so generic that it could be worn all the time - coupled with it being quite subtle and mostly linear - that makes me feel less inclined to love it. It's a really beautiful scent, don't get me wrong! It just lacks uniqueness, which is something I personally like in a perfume, but I also appreciate other people want something subtle that can be worn day-to-day and work for all occasions.

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