Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 7th

I didn't go to LensCrafters today, but hopefully I'll go tomorrow. My left eye, the one with the new contact, is itchy and irritated and has been for a few days now. The other eye is fine. Yet another reason to switch back to my old contacts. I'm still frustrated with myself for not keeping the box that my old left lenses were in, the box with the complete prescription number, but I have the box for the right eye and I'm hoping that's enough. But first thing tomorrow is a trip to the doctor to check in about all my meds, and then a fun drive back up to my apartment. Hopefully I'll sleep super soundly and won't be tired after my appointment/the drive so I can go to LensCrafters and get my life sorted out. I need to pick up my glasses too...sigh. I've never had this much trouble with my eyes before. Why did I even bother getting new glasses? Why did I decide to let the doctor who gave me such a funny new glasses prescription (and wouldn't let me use my old prescription in my new glasses) give me a new type of contacts, too? I should have known better. I'll at least be happy if I can get my contacts sorted out, since those are what I wear every day. Fingers crossed!

I hope you all sleep well tonight too! I miss Cas. I hope he's doing okay post-tapeworm shot. I gotta get back up there and check in on him, no dawdling down here!

On the plus side, I like my comforter at my dad's house. It has birbs!

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