Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22nd

Last night I was getting ready to watch episode nine or so of Legend of Korra. Tonight I'm not getting ready to watch any episode, because I watched the rest of season two last night...and then I watched season three as well. I knew I wanted to finish season two last night, and I think I finished around midnight or 12:30. The episodes of season two that I watched last night were pretty good, but nothing extraordinary. They didn't "wow" me, they just met my expectations for what a decent TV show should deliver. I decided I should watch the premiere of season three to get myself excited to keep watching season three, and to see if it was as good and different as I'd heard and...it was. It was what I had hoped the show would be from the beginning, and I am so happy I decided to give the show another shot. It seems like seasons one and two were worth watching after all, since the payoff right now is great. (There were some good episodes in seasons one and two, but also a lot of mediocrity.) Season three impressed me so much that I said, "Well, just one more episode..." about six times, and then got caught up to where the show is now. And the most best thing is that I am genuinely excited the next episode to air. I've never felt that way about this show. And for the first time in a long time, I'm watching a show where I don't know what happens next and I have to wait for a new episode to air to find out. I discovered A:TLA late so everything was already on Netflix and I could - and did - just binge-watch the whole show. But now I get a show where I can have theories that may or may not be resolved next week, and it's exciting. I'm so, so happy that I like this show now, because I love The Last Airbender so much. I'm happy that I get to be happy experiencing this world instead of disappointed. I probably shouldn't have been awake until 5:00 AM this morning, but I'm glad I did, because this show is finally something I love.

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