Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 10th

So I sort of finished Orange is the New Black today. I didn't realize season two was only released a month ago, I feel so much more up to date! I was going to take a nap when I got home and then wake up and watch, but I just got home and finished the rest of the season. Now I'm tired and I have a long shift at work tomorrow, but I have the weekend off and I'm super excited! It's been far too long since I've gotten to sleep in, I've missed it. You all should watch OITNB. It's really well-written and the actors are all great - quite a few are up for Emmys this year! The show is nominated for best comedy, too. It's more of a dark comedy/drama-dy type show, so it's a good mix of funny and intense. I have yelled at my computer more than once about a plot twist, and it's definitely engaging. I actually tried watching it a few months ago and got halfway through the third episode and decided I wasn't into it, but I'm so glad I have it another shot because I totally love it now.

I'm going to listen to Game of Owns and go to sleep now.

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