Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 5th

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor in Sugarberry

I've been using Gillette razors for years now. I've tried all different sorts of them, even their mens razors, and have found myself coming back to the Venus Embrace razor again and again. Nothing against their other razors of course, as they are all fantastic, but the Embrace works really well for me. It's got five blades, and I've got a decent amount of leg hair, so it's the best fit for me. However, I heard about the release of a new razor with Olay moisturizers and a seemingly delectable scent (Sugarberry), and was very curious.

The Gillette Venus team had a promoted tweet on Twitter, and I figured I'd respond and tell them how excited I was to try the new Sugarberry scent, just for fun. It's always nice to be able to interact with a brand that's served you well over the years. I ended up actually chatting with them, and it was really, really sweet! I was told I'd receive a surprise in the mail, and it arrived yesterday!

As you can see, I got a really nice note from Meagan, who works at Gillette, as well as the Sugarberry razor! I tried it out today and wanted to share my findings, because you know how much I like reviewing products!

The package includes one razor head (replaceable), one razor handle, and one shower hook. I lost my old shower hook, so I was already excited about having a new one! Right away after opening the package I noticed that the Olay moisture strips really did smell amazing! It's a very sweet berry smell.

Because of the moisture strips, there was no need to use any shaving gel, though that always makes me a bit nervous because I tend to be sort of an aggressive shaver. I was very, very pleased to find that it was a very smooth shave, and I came away unscathed! I did shave with less pressure that usual, so I think my hair with show up again sooner, but that's all right. Better safe than sorry! Overall it was a really nice, easy experience. The handle, just like the other Venus razors, is really easy to grip, which I love. The only complaint I have is that after I got out of the shower, I couldn't smell the Sugarberry scent any more. I wish the smell would have stayed on my legs, but it's not a huge deal and I'm happy with the razor regardless.

Now I just have to see how the moisture strips hold up! That has caused me slight problems in the past, but I think my new shower hook ought to take care of that. Fingers crossed!

A huge thanks to Meagan and the Gillette Venus team for sending me this awesome gift! I should note quickly that I'm not being paid or anything to write this review, I just wanted to share my love of the Venus brand and show off my new razor! Thanks guys!

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