Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2nd


Doctor Who:

Well, it was better than I expected! Considering the abysmal nature of the last premiere (Asylum of the Daleks), I was expecting something equally as bad. Luckily, this was better! It wasn't great my any means - it was peppered with the usual Casual Moffat Sexism and Clara was predictably snarky/clever/et al...but it wasn't so bad. The "monster" was relevant, and the episode was well-acted.

Game of Thrones:

Holy setup, Batman! This episode was so, so much setup. But it was all important, and the entire cast is fantastic, so it was good, albeit slow. I did absolutely adore the scene between Tywin and Tyrion, though. Despite the occasional deviation from the book thrown in for effect, it was a great episode. I think it was necessary for what's coming, which is lots and lots of death and love and drama and dismemberment!

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