Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 16th

I usually dye my hair with John Frieda hair color, but I wanted to try a new color and my local Target only sells like five different John Frieda colors. Recently I've been using Deep Cherry Brown, which looks like this:

And I wanted to go lighter and more auburn. So I let the John Frieda fade, and I let my roots grow, and I found a color similar to I wanted when I was at Target. It's by Garnier, it's called Intense Auburn, and it looks like this:

I dyed my hair with this today.

It didn't work very well.

My hair is exactly the same color with the exception of my roots, which are a little more red. It basically looks like I got some very vague red highlights.

And that's not all. I've used a lot of hair dye in my life, and I know it doesn't always smell great - but it can, and often smells just fine. This stuff, however, had the most pungent, biting, sharp scent ever. And even though I've since washed it out and conditioned my hair with the conditioner they gave me, I can still smell it.

Speaking of the conditioner, what a shit deal this was. Normally when you buy a box of hair dye, they include a tube of conditioner to be used immediately after dyeing and then once per week for the following weeks, until the tube runs out. Garnier, however, thought it would be a good idea to make the conditioner come in a packet, and for it to be a one-time thing. So, the reason that most companies put the conditioner in a tube is so you can unscrew or pop the cap like you would with shampoo. But this little packet, it turns out, is not something you can open with wet hands. Imagine trying to rip open the side of a Ziploc baggy with wet hands. Way to think that through, Garnier!

The worst part about the conditioner is that it didn't even do what conditioner is supposed to do. My hair is so static-y right now. It's soft, but no softer than it usually is, and this is supposed to be some "special" conditioner with avocado oil that makes your hair soft and luscious. Nope, just static over here.

I would say the one pro about this dye is that is comes off of skin really easily. That worries me, though, because it makes me think that maybe its lasting power is shitty, since hair dye is usually quite difficult to scrub off.

Overall, I'm quite disappointed with this dye. Oh, and to clarify- I've been dyeing my own hair for years and years. I know how it works. This stuff didn't fail to work because I've never done this before or something - I left it in the correct amount of time (longer, actually) and followed all the directions. It's just a shit hair dye.

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