Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22nd

I'm not sorry for yesterday's entry. I thought it was pretty damn profound.

Thank goodness I had today off from work, because that seven hour shift on Sunday was really damn tiring. And then of course my mom did that obnoxious thing were she tries to like, one-up my pain.

"Mom, work was so long yesterday, I was there for seven hours."
"Yeah, well I was at work for 15 hours."

Sorry, I didn't realize it was a competition. Like, as if you working more makes my long day irrelevant. Was your day rough? Sure. But you work long days every day, you are an adult who works a full-time job. I'm sorry my suffering is just so insignificant because it's less than yours. Maybe next time you have a good day, I'll tell you mine was better, because apparently that's all that matters, the person who had the most intensely good or bad day.

Time to play Pokémon Black 2. I'm naming all of my Pokémon after ASOIAF characters. My Purrloin is named Arya!

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