Friday, August 31, 2012

August 31st

Browsing Tumblr tonight, I came across a girl who was talking about a recent kidnapping victim. The victim is 15 years old and a female. The poster on Tumblr is of the opinion that the 15 year old victim did not dress appropriately for her age and that she should have known she could get kidnapped dressing like that. (The victim was last scene wearing a shirt with her midriff showing and a belly button ring.) The Tumblr poster, by the way, is a 17 year old girl. And let me tell you something. She is the scum of the earth. The worst sort of ignorant bitch that can exist. People keep calling her out on it, and trying to tell her why she is wrong. And she isn't listening. She's acting like a self-righteous bitch and I am furious, furious that there are people like her in this world. I hate it and I'm extremely angry tonight.

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