Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24th

I removed the ifttt task that posted to my Twitter feed whenever I blogged, so now I feel less stupid about posting short entries because now no one will see them.

I don't know why I do this blog right now. I just do it to do it, so I can blog every day and say that I do...but it's not like I'm posting anything good. I've got a Tumblr and a Twitter, why bother with this blog if it's only basically a slightly extended Twitter? Thoughts?

I'm still gonna get to 1,000 posts though.


  1. Blogging has gotten pretty lonely here, I agree. Especially with all of the flukes Blogger has, like NOT LETTING ME FREAKING READ YOUR BLOG IN MY READER! I try, but it's hard to get to your blog every day when I have stuff going on. It's depressing and somehow I feel like the best days of blogging have passed for us. Jon had a slump, I had a slump (and now have a sorry excuse for a comeback), you're having a slump. I think I'm even over Tumblr right now, esp now that I found out that I can't delete my main tumblog without getting rid of my whole account, which pisses me off.
    Social media is just going down the tube.

  2. I still read your blog every day... I'd miss it if it were gone.