Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22nd

So there were two open spots directory next to each other in the parking garage today right, and I went in one and another car pulled into the other one. And then I get out and this guy jumps out of the other car and literally is like THAT WAS REALLY RUDE YOU KNOW. And I'm all like uh what now? And he tells me that his wife had her blinker on and how dare I take her spot. So I calmly remind him that there were, in fact, two spots right next to one another, and that I actually took the one farther from the entrance. And he goes WELL I GUESS YOU JUST THINK YOU'RE SO IMPORTANT, HUH? And of course I was in total disbelief (and still am) that this man was so upset about the fact that I took the spot that his wife was going to pull into even though there was one right next to it.  Like I just cannot. What even is this nonsense. So I walked away while he grumbled to his wife about what a horrible and rude person I am. I mean can I please get some affirmation that this is actually not a big deal that I took the parking spot on the left instead of the right? Like it's literally a four foot difference and they got the closer spot anyway. I am just livid about this because it's too damn ridiculous.

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  1. lmfao wow he sure sounds ridiculous. it's not just you. it's the world.