Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4th - Spoiler-free Game of Thrones talk

This has NO SPOILERS! :)

Game of Thrones was brilliant.
They somehow managed to include all the POV characters in one episode, which never happens. There was a lot of emotion and some fantastic acting from just about everyone. Peter Dinklage needs another Emmy for his performance this season, I swear. He just gets better with each episode.
The finale scene last season was so beautiful and I kept thinking that nothing could top it. It had the best music, the greatest cinematography, it was just incredible. So I kept wondering how the final scene of the season finale could compete. Well, it was definitely just as good, but in a completely opposite way. Last season was rebirth, beauty, power and regality. This one was fear and awe and coldness and also the coolest visual effects ever.
I can't believe how long it will be until the show starts up again. Now I'm waiting for this along with Doctor Who and Sherlock, neither of which are starting up again until next year.
Luckily though, I have the books! I'm slowly working my way through them since they are 800-1,000 pages each, but that's actually good because it gives me time to actually read them all before the next season starts!
It's very weird to have watched the show before reading the books, and now I'm flip-flopping so that's going to mess with my head. Going into next season I'll have ideas of how I want people to look (and probably be disappointed) instead of knowing them and then sort of...finding out more details by reading the books. I hav always been adamant about reading the books first but I don't want to read the third book because I feel like I'm reading spoilers! I know that doesn't make sense but it's like I'm spoiling the show by getting ahead of where the show is.
Oh, sweet conflict!

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