Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 23rd

I just thought you all should know that I just typed "July 23th" as the title. What.

I'm listening to Avril Lavigne's first album, a.k.a. the soundtrack to my elementary school days. She was my first concert, too. Also I always played "My World" when I played Mario on my Gameboy Advance...I dunno why, it just pumped me up. Shut up.
So yeah, I still know most of the words.

I'm going to the zoo tomorrow with my beloved Brennie! And since I bought a new charger for my fancy camera, I can bring it and take pictures!
I hope the owl is out. I love owls.
And those green eels scare me.

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  1. lmfao aww isn't that funny how we all have theme songs for when we played video games that weren't actually the songs to the game?