Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15th - SPOILERS


So, I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. This is going to be like a review/general thoughts/whatever comes to mind sort of thing.
But basically, it was the most amazing movie-going experience of my life. I went at 3 AM with Kady, so the people there were less hyped up because a.) there were fewer of them (thought still a lot) and b.) we were all tired at hell. Kady and I got there at like 1:15 so we could get good seats and there were about 20-30 people ahead of us in line. We were the second people in our specific theatre though, so we sat front and center!
I wore my Gryffindor scarf and I brought my wand from the Harry Potter theme park, so that was pretty freaking magical.
Anyway, there were like 20 previews beforehand so I just sat there all nervous waiting for it to start, and the second it start I don't think I blinked for the rest of the movie except to wipe away tears.
The film didn't start with the WB logo, which was weird because all of Tumblr and I were like "omg last time we're gonna see the wb logo ahhhh" but THEN it was the AMAZING PIECE OF MUSIC AND SNAPE AND EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL. I thought I was gonna cry right then and there. And then the logo showed up and the movie got all serious business.
So Gringotts was cool and stuff and I love Helena Bonham Carter and wow Emma Watson's boobs were all over the place. But they went to Hogwarts like 15 minutes in and that was groovy.
I wasn't overly thrilled about how Harry just showed up in the Great Hall with everyone there, but it ended up working out pretty well. Pansy Parkinson had that great line, so yay Pansy.
Also the whole not going to the Ravenclaw common room and Luna and the Grey Lady stuff was different, but I think it was necessary to change that because it helped progress the movie. Side note: THEY CHANGED SOMETHING FOR A GOOD REASON! DAVID YATES, FINALLY YOU'VE LEARNED!
On that note, I like how the Ron and Hermione kiss went down. Obviously changed because there were no kitchen house elves in the movies, so the way it was done was brilliant.
The Room of Requirements being on fire was also wonderful, and holy cow Goyle falling into the fire was like...intense. AND THEN THE FIRE WAS VOLDEMORT. That was cool.
And every time Voldemort was like, stay close Nagini, I was like OH SHIT we're getting close to the Snape scene.
So there was that bit. The second the boat house bit started happening I was freaking out. I'd heard all over the internet that the Snape scenes were good, so I had high hopes. And guess what? Everyone was right. Alan Rickman deserves every award ever. (Also, he pronounced "pensieve" funny, did anyone else catch that?)
So um, The Prince's Tale. I cried. Like, serious crying. When Snape found Lily's body and he like, collapsed against the wall? Oh my God. I lost it. AND THEY STAYED SO TRUE TO THE BOOKS, THANK YOU JESUS. PERFECTION. And the music, my God. And the "After all this time? Always." was SO GOOD.
I don't even know what went on after that or anything else in order because it was all so good.
Fred's death = SO SAD SO MANY TEARS.
And Lupin and Tonks adkasjfhskb SO SAD.
Also Greyback killed Lavender? That was depressing and random.
McGonagall is the biggest badass of my life and I love her and Maggie Smith was going to chemotherapy while she filmed all of this SO Dame Maggie Smith is also the biggest, bravest badass ever.
Neville was epic too, with his slow motion stuff.
I liked how the final Harry/Voldy battle played out; it was good theatrically. I do wish Harry had done the bit about offering Tom a chance for remorse, BUT you can't have everything.
Oh and that dead Voldemort fetus Horcrux thing? Brilliant. That scene was quite good, too. Michael Gambon has become Dumbledore for me!
So um, the present day stuff ended and the epilogue started and I STARTED CRYING SO MUCH. I was like oh my God, this is the last time, the end of the last movie, the end of my childhood. Then the credits started and I was literally holding back sobs. I didn't want to leave the theatre. I wanted to stay there and cry. But I left, and I was still crying, but I was so so so SOOO pleased. It was a wonderful experience and I think they did the book justice and everyone was brilliant.

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