Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6th - Things I love

I just wanted to make a big compilation of things that I love. You know how when you really want to talk to someone about something, but you can't find any common ground? That's lame. So here's what I love. This is basically a list of things about which I can talk with a good knowledge, although some I've been invested in for much longer and therefore have a greater knowledge. Anyway.

Harry Potter | The Hunger Games | Disney Movies | House M.D. | Doctor Who | The Vlogbrothers | iCarly | Pirates of the Caribbean | Pok√©mon  | The Amazing Race | Futurama | Paper Mario

I want to make another list like this in six months or so and see what's different.

Oh, and THIS MAN.


  1. Hey Kate, can you shoot me an email at I would love to see if you wanted to write for us on some of those topics at our sites.

  2. Oooh girl, getting gigs on other blogs! (creepin on the comments, haha). iCarly is probs the best. I now watch it on Netflix between classes because I have awkward amounts of time between them that aren't good for napping, homework, or anything except iCarly.