Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4th - There's a first time for everything

You know how there are horror stories of people ordering some nice product online and getting like, a piece of garbage in the mail instead of the product? Well, for the first time in my online shopping life, I have actually received a product that is not what I ordered. Let me tell you about it.

Ordering used items like CDs and movies is great because in general, even those the case might be cracked and look gnarly, the product inside is still functional. I recently ordered a used CD via Amazon (from an outside seller), and I picked it up today. (The CD cost me $2.95 and the shipping was free, so we're not talking a big monetary commitment here, just to be clear.) I opened it, and not surprisingly the case was cracked. Not a big deal. I put it on my desk to open later and put on my iTunes. Well, about five minutes ago I opened and and bombshell - wrong CD. In fact, it was actually a computer game. And not one that I want. So now I am without my desired CD and I have a really old computer game on my hands. (Seriously, on the disc it sys "compatible with Windows 95 and 98 - ancient!) Luckily I've been told Amazon returns are easy, so let's hope for that!

In better online shopping news, the swimsuit I ordered from Victoria's Secret also arrived! It fits perfectly and it just what I ordered. :)

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