Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30th - Horse shampoo and weddings

I'm not sure if I ever said this on the blog here, but I bought some Mane 'n Tale shampoo and conditioner recently.I was messing around on Amazon and it popped up in that section that says like, "People who bought this product also bought..." I'd heard a few people say here and there that they use or have used Mane 'n Tale, and I had this understanding that it was horse shampoo, but since I am currently growing my hair out and it is becoming unruly, I decided to take the plunge and seem if I could tame my mane. I have since come to the conclusion that Mane 'n Tale is amazing. This probably sounds like I'm a paid spokesperson or something, but I promise I'm not! My hair is actually shinier and easier to manage than ever before. If you have freaky hair, I would definitely recommend it.

Today, I spent four or five hours watching My Fair Wedding with David Tutera. Conclusion: I want to get married. I want to get a fabulous, gorgeous dress and do all the planning and all the things that go with getting married! I mean sure, I have to get a fiancee first...which means getting a boyfriend...but no matter! I want to get married! Preferably on a yacht. Nautical themed wedding = my future wedding. Just so you know.


  1. IT'S THE BEST EVER! I hope you got it for cheap. I bought mine at the farm store where we buy those horse food hahaha. There's also the Mane n Tail detangler-shine. I used it on my horse and his hair was knot-free for literally a week. I plan on buying that when I go back.

    We need to attend each others' weddings. Yours sounds perfect. My wedding changes each week after I watch Say Yes to the Dress

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