Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27th - The joy of having a cold

I have a cold. I'm super congested and my nose is runny. I'm tired. I can't taste food. I am not enjoying myself. I am also cleaning my room and doing laundry, so that adds to the lack of fun. (Can you add to the lack of something? That sounds paradoxical or counterintuitive or something.)

In more pleasant news, I love hanging out with my dog! She is the sweetest puppy I've ever had. (And the only.) Her name is Darcy and I think she's like...six years old. And tonight I'm going to my mom's house, which means I get to see my kitties! I haven't seen them since December! The younger one, Ellie, is also something like six years old. Sammy is the old one. She's 14. We've had her for 11 years now.

Picture time!

Darcy! She's a beagle/basset mix.

The kitties! Ellie is the one in front and Sammy is behind her.

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