Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21st - The Amazing Race!

Spoilers for this week's episode of The Amazing Race! You've been warned!

Having your two favorite teams come in first and second place in a leg of the Race is a really awesome feeling. Jet and Cord (or as my family calls them, Jetcord) and Gary and Mallory (for whom we have no alternate name) kicked butt this leg and I am beyond happy. Jetcord is the team I want to win, but Gary and Mallory are an extremely close second. Then of course, Bitch Mom and Son (Margie and Luke) were in third and I was sad because I really don't like them. They actually haven't been too bad this Race, but the last season they were on, Margie just angered me all the time. I'm fond on Kisha and Jen as well, so it was nice to see them doing well. I was also psyched about the Globetrotters awesome comeback!
With regards to the other teams, Kent and Vyxsin are annoying and whiny and they need to leave. Zev and Justin aren't my favorites but I tolerate them. Christina and Ron are only okay because I like Christina, but Ron bothers me. And then the cheerleaders, who are gone now of course, weren't my favorites because they were always so negative and mean to the people they met. But they got eliminated, so no more worrying about them.
I had a bit of schadenfreude upon seeing the preview for next week's episode. Luke was faltering and getting all emotional and now I'm hoping they get eliminated. Then Kent and Vyxsin the week after. And then all will be well!

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