Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23rd - Good night moon

I'm super tired right now. This is the point at which I rejoice that my first class tomorrow isn't until 1:30, because that means I can sleep in until like 10:00 and still finish up my homework before going to class.

Myth and Meaning is a little brutal right now. There's so much to do for every class. For real, we have to right a paper for each time we meet. And read like 100 pages. Luckily, the professor is absolutely amazing. She is one of the kindest and most passionate people I've ever had as a professor. We spent some time on Tuesday talking about suicide, and she said the most brilliant thing: "If you don't live, you don't give yourself a chance to move on to something better." I seriously wrote that down right after she said it. It's so smart and thought-provoking. I really do like her. Even though she gives us way too much work.

I watched Pride and Prejudice last night for my Film Adaptation class. I actually ended up liking it. It started off pretty slowly and it was hard to understand if you didn't understand the book entirely, but it really grew on me. Oh Mr Darcy...swoon!

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