Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22nd - Laundry Day!

Doing laundry here is a pain. You have to drag all of your clothes down to the depths of the building. Then, if you're lucky, one of the four washing machines will be open. If not, you put your clothes in at a staggered rate - which is worse, because then you're always waiting for that one last load. Right, so then your clothes get washed. The, on to the dryers from Hell. For some inexplicable reason, there are more dryers than washers. Unfortunately, only about three of them actually work well. The other three take over an hour to dry your clothes, if you're lucky. Then once you've been doing laundry for a ridiculous amount of time, you have to haul everything back up the stairs. But you're not done. Then you have to fold it, and sort it, and hang it up...and if you're me, it has to be hung up in groups according to color, so that's even more work.

Anyway, I just put my clothes in the wash. The journey begins!


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