Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21st - Overwhelmed

I suppose listening to really intense music right now isn't helping with my stress levels, but I need loud music to block out some sounds I'm hearing. Haha.

So anyway, we had shortened class today and my Macroeconomics professor decided to have us do even more work than we usually do, including learning new stuff and do worksheets on was so overwhelming. Why aren't there more hours in a day? I need more time to study!

Also, there's a blizzard occurring right now. It's not really that cold, but there's just so much snow and the flakes are so huge and kind of icy so walking outside is kind of a pain. And I fell for the first time today! I wanted to make it through the winter without falling. I mean it was only a half-fall at best - I just went down on one knee like I was proposing, and then stood right back up - but it was still annoying. And I have work tonight, which means I might fall again. The sidewalks are so icy and Olin is so far away and I doubt the snow will have let up too much by then!

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  1. Gahh I know what you mean with more hours in a day. Work sucks. Just try to not get to the point where you want to cry, like I did, kay? =]

    Good luck traversing to work tonight!