Friday, February 11, 2011

February 11th - My Newest Companion

A few days ago, in preparation for the poster sale at our school, I bought this awesome tape that sticks to brick. I have never been able to put anything on the brick wall of my room since nothing stuck, but now that has been remedied! I have a brand new poster on my brick! And you know who's on it? Only the man with most gifted pelvis ever...

also I guess Marilyn Monroe is there too

So now I've got approximately a million pages of reading to do this weekend, and as I'm sure you can guess I'm ridiculously excited. Good thing I'm reading only the most scintillating things, like 30 pages about supply and demand curves.

In other news, I feel awesome since I just cleaned my room. Also my aunt and uncle sent me a start of semester care package. So that's all happy and stuff. Woohoo! 

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    Also, I love this makeover. Verrrry pretty! <3

    Ugh reading is the worst when it's boring. I wish you luck! Also, we need a Skype date soon, sometime after my crazy midterms are over and before your workload starts getting crazy.